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The moisture from within! Bloodshot eyes!


The reason why I am writing this thread is because I realize I no longer have to use Oil of Olay to moisturize my face! At some point during my smoking years my face started becoming very dry and the skin starting to crack and peel so I turned to Oil of Olay for years and years. A few days ago I woke up and realize I no longer have to use this stuff! The natural moisture from underneath has recovered! I no longer look pale and the natural moisture from within is back!

Another huge benefit since my last smoke a month ago is yesterday after taking a nap I woke up and looked in the mirror. My eye were so red and bloodshot I couldn't believe it. The last time I had that much blood go to my eyes was when I was a teenager! It cleared up after a few minutes, but I was very happy to see that my eyes got that red!

I think the quitting smoking, massive running, and forcing oxygen through the lungs has greatly improved the blood flow through the body!


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This might sound gross but when I take my hand and wipe my face then look at my hand, there is grease and oil! :) Woot!

I think we've all been been slowly preserving ourselves, but not in a good way... I mean like herrings in a smokehouse. No wonder smokers have prematurely aged skin... what *were* we thinking??

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