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30 days

Hey gang,

today 07/05/13 marks 30 days or 1 month smoke free (I like month better), got to this point a few times in the past but for some reason could not maintain the desire. Looking back at those previous attempts I never felt fully 100% committed to quitting. I would get to a month and almost celebrate with a smoke :rolleyes:

I however fell 100% this time, and I definitely feel that I am through the worst of it now.

Looking back on the past month as a human being I have had to deal with the normal curve balls and dilemmas private life/work life fires at you without warning and for the first time since I remember I was able to deal with them without reaching for a packet of smokes.

Thanks to everybody once again for your help and heres to month 2, I will be seeing you in the next thread.

Good luck everybody


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Wow JayJay, welcome to the Month 2 room, it's very chilled out in here :D


Thanks guys :):)


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