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Day 10 and going stronger

Here I am – D10 in my journey to a better life. :)

Last few days have been ok, very few cravings. The first day was the most difficult to bear because I could not imagine life without smoking and all the negative feelings associated with it . Looking back I think that in the end is all an illusion and the chemical addiction was doing the talking/thinking and not me.

Well, I have worked hard to keep the smoking away. I had no cravings from D2-D10 which I thought was odd, but I did lots of reading around and kept away from potential cravings or other triggers.

I thought that I better be prepared rather than have to deal with it when it happens or worse – give in. So for the last 10 days, I have

-Kept away from smoking friends ,had all kind of excuses not to see them – some of them do not know that I have stopped;

-Worked from home and kept only very urgent meetings;

-I have fired one of my customers who was getting on my nerves and was in fact a big “smoking trigger” for me; never felt better in my life!

-Been quite busy with my work , short deadlines and no time for distractions; during breaks I went for a walk with my baby dog;

-Got lot of help from you guys when I needed ;

-And in general kept busy doing things that I really love doing (btw had no idea that there are so many options to arrange your music collection!)

What I can say is that it was not a walk in a park,I sincerely expected much worse , had done a lot of prep work :D and there is still a long way for me to go.


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Glad you're doing so well Alix!!

It sounds like you've got your head in exactly the right place to make this the only quit you're going to need :D


Well done Alix! You've kept yourself well prepared for the worst and have done all of the right things to avoid those nasty triggers setting off a craving! :)

Just remember not to hide away for too long. You'll be amazed at how easy it can become to sit around with smoker friends and not be bothered by it.

Hope you're really chuffed with yourself! :D


You'll be amazed at how easy it can become to sit around with smoker friends and not be bothered by it.

Or to think "Wow that's foul, did I ever enjoy *that*?"

Think I'm turning into one of "those" ex-smokers, lol.


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