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When the party is over

Sisters and Brothers in arms i trust this finds you well. A personal interest in starting this thread. May I ask if the initial surge of excitement has wained for any of you. Friends, family probably so used to us not smoking now and ( unintentionally and without malice ) perhaps downsizing our achievements ,as rightly so life just takes over. . i would offer that if it has it is not a bad thing. A sign perhaps that attentions can be focused elsewhere and would suggest a sure signal of further recovery and acceptance of a smoke free you .Also found in recent days that the initial void I felt needed to be filled has now gone from the Grand Canyon to nothing and find that remarkable and frankly a little worrying that it could be that simple, or is it a general / normal feeling for anybody at this approximate stage.



Quit 26/JAN/2013

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Don't think we have 'met' before good to meet you and well done so far!

Tomorrow will be two months for me since I quit. Ironically many of my friends and family had no idea I smoked so I could never be openly proud about my achievements.

Some friends did know and initially were very impressed particularly the smokers but yes you are right the interest waned pretty quickly. Occasionally now the odd person will comment on the fact they had 'forgotten' I used to smoke or they tell me they 'didn't think I would manage it' (rather grudgingly) but I definitely am seriously lacking in well done department!! It's like everyone has got bored of it! This forum is great for congrats tho!!

I just tell myself the fact everyone seems bored shows how easily we have done this and how we haven't made a fuss and what a bunch of ruddy legends we are :) no drama just legends



Ps also yes I have found it stupidly easy recently it's like it just clicked tried so many times before and this time apart from the off craving I know this is forever and no real angst either (just a bit fatter!!) weird!!


Hi I'am with you on this hubby kids friends etc didn't know I smoked ?? (Maybe kidding myself there!) so a little thin on the congrats department ! That's why finding this place was (is) an god send for me :) have been smoke free since 25th feb and had quite a few wobbles but I HAVE NOT SMOKED !!! Yippee keep going I know it's gonna be so worth it !!!!!!!! X


Wooooop go mrs c!! Keep it up seriously if you can get through the next day or so you will be flying and I know you can cos you've got this far the worst days are over! Woop!


Thank you so much for support ;-)) it means the world :) :) :) :) x


Dear Mrs C and TVH

Thank you for your gracious support and considered replies. Refreshing to understand that none of us are never entirely alone. Like yourself TVH am just in a good place with it and equally confident I shall not smoke again, never over confident though I hasten to add. And Mrs C , TVH is so right you will find it gets progressively easier , every waking day is another step further away from addiction and habit for us all

Seriously well done to you both

Yours Sincerely



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