Day 16 - Already??

Been a strange one today, my poor long suffering wife who has been shivering in the snow smoking asked me if she could start smoking indoors again, I feel quite strong so I have allowed her to and now the living room stinks of horrible roll ups, it is not pleasant to me in the slightest and does not encourage me to go running to the shop for some fags, I have not really craved today either but I was just wondering if anyone else on the forum has been in this situation I am finding it a bit weird....

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  • I have made her shiver for 16 days now so she has helped me out big time, the thing I find weird is her smoking without me and she looks at me really sheepishly everytime she lights up lol..I cant get used to it...alcohol was a big trigger for me but my willpower has beaten it up into tiny little pieces...felling quite smug that I have proved you wrong max :p

  • Hi Boss

    My boyf is still smoking. Like your wife, its his choice and he didn't fee ready / didn't want to give up with me. Unlike you we have never smoked inside, simply as I am a bit of a cleaning freak and have been paranoid of yellow stains!!

    Whereas before we would linger by the back door, leaning to blow our smoke outside, he now shuts the door and stands outside. He has also been going right to the back of the garden so I can't see him from the living room or kitchen.

    Being in East London we have snow and its cold, but I am assuming not so much as you! Not sure where you are based? I think you are in a really difficult situation and forgive me if I sound hard hearted. However I could not cope with my boyfriend smoking inside right now - I have tried to not go out with smokers so have really been 'nannying' my quit.

    I think you are really strong (and kind to your wife! :)) just make sure you keep viewing the smell as nasty and don't get tempted! We need to make it to a month! :)

  • Sorry if this sounds selfish, but I would make her stand outside all the time. My partner stands outside the house in support of me, and if the shoe was on the other foot, I would be aware of how difficult it is to give up smoking and would support him by smoking outside.

  • Whow, you are strong! I would not be able to have someone smoking in the house. I think you are very very kind to your wife whilst she is not really supporting you enough, perhaps she is not understanding how tough it is. Do you have a garage or some other place where she could smoke? One positive about smoking outside is that it usually cuts down the amount of smoking... so in a way you would be doing her a favor by being a bit tougher :)

  • I am soft jane...16 days she has put up with me...I feel stronger now but not the early days say 1-8 there is a chance I could have succumbed to it but I feel comfortable and everyone of us who has quit or is in the process of quitting will face someone who is smoking sooner or later....I have gone down the sooner route...I wll be back on moaning later if its driving me mad thats what the forum is for right??

  • Lol, you can moan as much as you like, I would be on here moaning all night if my other half had the cheek to smoke next to me, knowing I still crave sometimes.

    I understand that everyone will face someone who smokes sooner or later, but hopefully I won't face someone in my own home where I can let my guard down and relax.

    My home is now a NO SMOKING ZONE. Whoever visits, has to smoke in the garden :)

  • I just thought I was compromising with my missis lol, the smoke isnt bothering me at all...but the comments on here are...I am questioning myself now but I genuinely feel ok...

  • I've had to put up with my parents and 2 of my dads employees smoking in the kitchen for the past 16 days - my whole quit!

  • Done it the really hard way babs then yikes!!!!...How are you feeling today anyway?? I feel so strong but yet worried now...

  • Can't really do's my parents house! I just hibernate upstairs! Haha. I'm doing not too bad! Kinda fancy one tonight but not really had any cravings!! I need to start on the healthy eating kick tho!!

    Babs x

  • me too..I am sure I am growing an extra chin ;)

  • great stuff bossdean its good to see you doing so well and that Babs and others are still going strong.

    I too think that you are being very kind to your wife but if its that's what you have both always done then so be it , providing its not going to endanger your quit !

    Joining the 3 weekers tomorrow !

    Donna :)

  • I'm sure your not!! I just tried on my planned outfit for first proper night out since my quit and I'm glad I did because it doesn't fit!!! It's brand new, only bought a month ago and I can't get the zip up!!! I feel total crappy about it and feel its enough to make me smoke again!!! :'-(

    Babs x

  • I'm sure your not!! I just tried on my planned outfit for first proper night out since my quit and I'm glad I did because it doesn't fit!!! It's brand new, only bought a month ago and I can't get the zip up!!! I feel total crappy about it and feel its enough to make me smoke again!!! :'-(

    Babs x

    Oh Babs, that's horrible but it's not worth smoking again for!!

    If you can live with your parents smoking and do so well with your quit - and you definitely are - then you can lose a bit of weight no problem. :)

    You and Bossdean are amazingly strong to live with people smoking and still stay quit, and CT as well. I'm amazed!!

  • Babs, you still have the receipt? Just swap it for bigger size, zip up and have fun! :D There is plenty of time to loose that weight later, using that new energy we should be getting after few weeks.. me hopes :D

  • I know it's not worth starting again but just feel quite down about it! However it just means that it's my aim to fit into it again!! Lol.

    I bought it off eBay but brand new with this over a month ago so can't take it back but as I say, I WILL fit into it!!

    Babs x

  • Well Babs, things could be worse... I still need to loose about a stone of pregnancy weight :eek: I have 2 months to fit into my work outfits or otherwise I have to spend all my saved ciggy money on clothes :( And I hate shopping!

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