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7th Day (168 hrs) tonight without a cigarette. NOT EASY

I stopped smoking one week ago tonight at 7:00 p.m. Friday January 11, 2013. Had a severe flu and then ended up in Er on Saturday with 2nd bacterial infection. That was enough to make me try to quit. I am 65 years old, have smoked since I was 16; I smoked approximately 12 cigarettes a day. I am still recouperating now from flu and bronchial bacterial infection, had to send my two dogs elsewhere for a few days as I cannot walk them. Wish I had never started - hindsight. Yes, I am struggling. I feel that I get worse each day and crave a cigarette something terrible. I am determined to make it though because I do not want to end up back in ER again. That alone was frightening.

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Hi Mileska, and welcome.

Not only are you feeling rough from being ill, but you are quitting a 50 year smoking habit at the same time. Wow! You've gone almost 7 days and that is bloody fantastic! Very well done. Keep posting and let us know how you are doing.


The worst is over.

Hi mileska

I think the first week is the worst. You're over that now and while you will still have some difficult moments you've experienced the cravings and know what to expect.

Deep breaths and walking will help - your dogs will be loving their extra walks once you're better.

All the best with your quit - reading the posts on this forum really helps.


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