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Day 19!

Hi All, Happy New Years to you all! :D

An update to follow up from the thread I posted in the week 2 forum.

So I spent Christmas Day with my Dad & Brother, everything was going quite well until my brother gave me his Christmas present, which was cigarettes he said he knew I'd stopped smoking but I needed them anyway for when I gave up and he's bought them so I'll just have to smoke them anyway now.

Was as I'm sure you can understand quite upset and didn't really know how to react, part of me wanted to smoke the lot out of spite, but I left them and later in the day told him I was sorry but I couldn't accept them. Luckily I had an emergency E-Cig to get me through! The next few days were quite tough as I new there was a carton of cigarettes with my name on in the house, but I made it through and haven't looked back since.

So I'm almost at 3 full weeks and I'm feeling pretty good. The app I'm using is really motivating I don't want to let it down so it keeps me going.

Have had my first real symptoms of stopping too, with some quite horrible mouth ulcers over the last few days, also has anyone ever suffered from really cracked and peeling skin on the face after stopping? Never happend to me at all before!

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Hi Matt and well done on getting to day 19 particularly in the face of temptation you had at Christmas. I can't believe your brother would get you cigarettes knowing that you'd stopped, very insensitive!! You stayed strong though, well proud of you!

Do you have the MLC app? I have that, it's really good!

Stay strong and keep going

Karen x


Hi Karen,

Cheers, not using the MLC app, but something very similar that keeps track of how many cigarettes not smoked, money saved, and as my health increases. Whenever I feel a little low I just look at the counter to remind myself how well I've done!


Good for you, I find those little reminders really help keep you motivated by tracking your progress. Keep going and stay strong :-)



Well done on staying strong Matt.

Strange behaviour from your brother :confused:

Does he smoke? If so is it possible he is jealous of you?


Well done Matt

As Capitan says.....not the best behaviour from your brother.

They do say that some people do like to see others fail, or should I say don't like to see them succeed! Does he smoke?

Mind you ... they also say blood is thicker than water ...... not so much now you've quit though! :D

...all that lovely "watery" blood sloshing about...just what the doctor ordered :)

Stay strong and keep going

Take care



There are always people who don't want to see you succeed. Very very insensitive thing to do what your brother did! :mad:

Keep up the good work! I'm on day 4 today and starting to finally get less cravings!


I don't know your brother, but he sounds like a f*****g idiot.



My brother doesn't smoke, he was lucky and never took to it. Not his finest hour, and I think he regrets his behavior now anyways.

Had a bit of a strange day today, as I work in construction and usually spend loads of time waiting around outside in the cold, today was the first time that happened since I stopped smoking, usually the waiting would have meant chain smoking, but today I didn't fancy it. Touch wood but I think I'm winning hurrah!

Into my 4th week now so I'll chuck up a new thread elsewhere at a later date, thanks for your messages and I hope everyone is getting on ok!


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