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No Smoking Day
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Happy new year and good luck!

Just a quick note to wish all a happy new year and offer best wishes and good luck to all those starting their new smoke free life from today. It's 4 weeks ago today for me I had my last fag and I'm going cold turkey. Long way to go i know but I feel fine. No i feel GREAT! This forum is invaluable and we really can do it this time. Good luck!


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Hey Ollie, 4 weeks is awesome, well done you - it does feel great doesn't it? Happy new year to you and hope 2013 remains smoke free x


Well done Ollie

"Go on moy san!" :D

Happy New Year and stay strong

all the best



Well done on 4 weeks Ollie, you're doing really well!

No turning back now, onwards and upwards.

Happy New Year

Molly x


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