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A Happy New year to all

Wishing you all the very very best for the New year.

I guess we can say this year as been one of the most life changing for all of us on this forum. We have all had our ups and downs, haveing to cope with the stress of everyday life as well as quiting smoking.

If your quit is one day one month or one year+,never look back, just forward.

So good luck & Godbless to us all.

Love Joan XXXXX

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Hi Joan :D

Yes this year has indeed been a life changing year for us, we have as you say had our ups and our downs stresses, worries and problems but we've been quitting or have just quit or even quitting tomorrow and we've all done a great job



Marg xx


Hi Joan :D

Thank you if I helped you that makes me very happy

I think you're right in that age is just a number I'm 66 now but I really don't feel it either and you know the old saying you're only as old as you feel think old and you'll be old is my opinion on the matter

I feel young and happy since I met my OH I never felt old but you know what I mean I'm sure

God bless you as well Joan

Love and a Hug

Marg xx


Lovely to hear from you Joan, thanks for your good wishes. May your 2010 be very smoke-free.



a very very happy new year to you also joan :) Its great when i read your posts that say 'not far behind you jase!' and i know reading that you are still goin strong on your quit and its nice. I've seen folk start well and fall, and then start again... but what matters is so many of us have found a much more calm groove to our quit because of the folk we've met on this forum and other forums like it.

Beating the addiction is an ongoing process, but definitely the right move to have made.

Sooooo happy new year and may it be as smoke free as the last several months. :)


Happy New Year to you too Joan.

Know what you mean about the weight but it will be brought back under control, you've given up smoking you can do anything!


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