No Smoking Day

Best of Luck to the New Class of 2009

Hi All,

I wanted to wish you all the best of luck at trying to quit smoking this year. Last year, I was in your shoes and managed to quit cold turkey on January 1st. I think I had 3 one time slips early on, but if that happens don't let it get you down just keep on trucking.

The things that helped me

1. As time goes on it definitely gets easier

2. This forum- coming regularly helped remind me that others were going through the same struggle. I had to visit all the time and with the help of the wonderful people on here I made it through.

3. know that you are making a good choice for your body...afterall the thought of smoking is just kind of stupid.

My heart goes out to you all, as I know I still have the craving from time to time. In fact, I am still in the same struggle just a year down the line. Just keep at it and we can all do this together. It is a lifestyle change for the better.

Best of luck.


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Good Luck

just wanted to second what maddog has said and to say loads of luck to all Jan 1st quitters...

take one day at a time and never quit quitting...




Quit no. 198,999,999

or so it seems!

I am one of those people who try to quit every week and fail. My last quit was in November and lasted over a month, I decided to come off the patches too early and lasted 3 days cold turkey before I started going mental.

I'm also a recovering alcoholic, four months sober. Alcohol was one of the main factors as to why my quit attempts have always failed in the past. I would get drunk and in blackouts start smoking again.

I've done quite a bit of research on the net about mental illness (which a lot of scientists/experts believe alcoholics to have) and there is much support of the idea that those suffering with mental illness find quitting a lot harder as nicotine releases dopamine. Smoking is therefore considered to be a form of self-medicating.

It may turn out that I will always have to rely on nicotine to some degree for the rest of my life. Physically, I can deal with the cravings, I have done the 72 hour thing countelss times, it's the mental depression and going crazy that i can't cope with.

I would really appreciate hearing from anyone else who has a mental illness or is an alcoholic regarding their quitting experience.

I will have a look around though and see if i can find a thread with any info on.

Good luck everyone in 2009 x


Hello LondonGal

Welcome to the forum. Congratulations on your 4 months sober and I hope you can sort the cigs too.

There are many people here who have had great success by changing the way they think about smoking, re-educating themselves if you like. If you can see quitting as a gaining experience i.e. health wealth control etc rather than sacrificing some great pleaseure then it will be easier. Check the links in my signature below for further info and inspiration

I have no 1st hand knowledge of your particular difficulties but in general smoking is nicotine addiction and we all have ready made excuses to try justify breaking our quits, be careful not to let the idea of self medicating be yours!

Best wishes



Well done Maddog

i was one of the NYQ last year but sadly slipped a few times but still trying. So CONGRATS to you glad you came back to let us know how your doing. xxxxxx

Hi Londongal

Just like to say a very well done for your sober four months my son is an alcoholic so I understand how hard it is, Sadly he will not go to AA or even look at the internet. I seen him yesterday and he had drunk again after staying dry all over the chrismas. Anyway good luck with both your quits if we can help in anyway we are here for you. xxxx


Thanks Linda

Keep hanging in there. It will stick soon. :)


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