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Day 1 of my new life!

Hi All

I have been browsing theses forums for a while and since I decided to quit I realised that to increase my chances it would be beneficial to join this great community!

I have been smoking for 22 years with the last 10 seing the habit increase to a pack a day. I have tried to quit many times before but having (hopefully!!) learned from my mistakes I am 100% determined to do it this time..

Champix has been the way forward this time and today is day 14 on it and so far I am 10 hours and 14 minutes smoke free according to my App!!

There was no magic bullet with the Champix but from day 8 onwards I found I was smoking out of habit and not of need!. It has really shown me that I am a bloke of rituals and also opened my eyes to what smoking actually is .. A Psychological Crutch that I can defeat!!!

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Hi AJ and welcome.

You sound positive and determined which bodes well. Keep us updated on how your quit is going. :)


Welcome AJ

As Biggrin says you sound strong for your quit and have your head in the right place.

This is a great community and there will always be someone around to help or for you to shout at! :)

Good luck for your quit

Stay strong




Welcome AJ

You'v come to the right place for support and wisdom from some truly amazing people!! Sounds like you have got your head in the right place. I will be following your journey.

All the best,



Hi AJ. Knowing you can learn from your past mistakes and triggers really helps.I know it did for me.

Taking it a day at a time really helped too.

good luck with you quit....and welcome to this great forum.:D



My wife and I are quitting together I am on Day 12 and she is on Day 2, however she also started on the Champix when I quit. She felt also the way you did by Day 8 of taking them, which coincided nicely as this was her planned quit date. But I noticed and so did she that she was only smoking out of habit by then. The first one in the morning, the one to round a meal off, the one just because my mates are having one.

So I can fully see where you are coming from. The best form I have come across for quitting is this forum, I have never been a forum guy before, but at times this place and the people on here are a real godsend.

Congrats on your life changing decision and will look forward to reading every success you will have.



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