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8 weeks and fat!

I am doing well for the most part... 8 weeks quit tomorrow...

I'm proud of myself for that but not so proud of the 12 pounds I've gained.

I've been trying to eat well and have begun to increase my activity so that will help. Actually, I bought myself a Fit bit with the cigarette money I have saved so far. It's very cool.

So...if I am doing all the right things, why am I feeling like a loser today? I don't want to smoke but I don't want this extra weight either.

That little demon in my head is trying to convince me that smoking=thin.

I know it's crap and I know I am somehow trying to sabotage myself....

Just saying that aloud makes it all the more silly. What's wrong with me today? You know what..let me stop this nonsense.....I'm going for a jog! :)

Onward and upward!

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Mind games! They do your head in. Just dont give in to them!


The real equation is:

Smoking = lung cancer, COPD, less cash, personal stench, burn marks in clothes, strokes, heart attacks, wheezing, self loathing, pitying stares, pariah status, cold hands/feet, gangrene...............

..........and those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head.


Absolutely Biggrin!

I too have put on weight with quitting smoking but I know I can lose it again and exercise is much easier as a non smoker - tackling one problem at a time is my strategy and giving up smoking is a biggie for all the reasons you mentioned!


Thanks guys.

Yes, lots of negative self talk this week but I'll get past it.

This is temporary.

I have let cigarettes rule my life for 35 years. If I can quit smoking, I can certainly stop snacking! I am determined and I am strong!

Moving on......

Jamora x


Good for you Jamora, up with the positivity - you are a non smoker, how amazing is that? As you said losing a bit of weight will be a walk in the park compared to stopping smoking!


Biggrin just said it all!!

Stay strong and done listen to the poisonous voice!!


I am fat too

Well done Jamora, of course we can beat this. My husband looked at me askance yesterday when I had second helpings of sunday dinner as big as the first plate, he told me off when I had a second dish of ice cream, and I did think, I am not ready to attack the weight issue, but it may be time to knock the second helpings on the head.


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