No Smoking Day
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Phew!!! Made it

What a cracking feeling!! 15 days!!!! sleeping back to normal, no bazaar dreams, cough gone and smelling NICE things now....sadly though I can also smell the thick muggy smell of stale fag smoke masked with perfume / aftershave ...ewwwwwwwww just goes to show you cant cover 1 smell with another ... it just makes it worse

OMG Im turning into a typical stereo type ex smoker LOL :D

Well done to all of you who are reaching, reached and past this section - now go have cake to celebrate

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Well done you. I'm not having a piece of your cake. I'm starting the I'm not going to replace smoking with sugar laden foods anymore diet. :D

So pleased for you and I'll be joining you tomorrow.


Morning XSHORTXSTUFFX, Woo Hoo. well done you!:D

My sense of smell is improving every day. My partner smokes and although he does not smoke in front of me I am struggling with the stench afterwards. Even can't stand the smell after he has brushed his teeth and listerined them! You are right, you can't cover it up it smells worse! Trying not to say anything as I want this to be my quit not his and then hope he decides to join me.

Keep going your doing great!


Hello week 3

Well done shorty! Day 15 feels great. Best day so far as a fortnight in my mind was huge and we are past it (passed the 2 weeks, not too old).

Talking to non smokers and they dont notice it as much i i think i am noticing it now. Its really bad. I was in a kids play area at the weekend and from the 40 or so adults there i could tell you exactly wh0 smoked just from walking past the tables. I felt like a bloodhound with all the smells. I cant be that smug ex smoker and never will be vocal about how bad the smell is but i am now so aware that when my kids used to say i was smokey smelly i was really that bad. So never going back ever!!

Fair play to current smokers who havent decided to quit yet. I will never knock you but wow - borrow my nose for a day and it might speed up the "am i - am i not going to quit" internal thought debate up.


day 18 and still at it

day 18 and still at it

champix dreams have settled, shame really they were fun

enjoying this no smoking lark, feeling fitter, less stressed and richer, or I would be if there wasn't a sale on at wallis

two new frocks, guilt free



LOl snik... those Red and White signs are a killer eh lol.. cant walk away from a sale sign.....even if we dont need or want it we get it... just because its i the sale lol



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