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Just graduated from week one - Need to stay alert!


My first day into week two and I'm very happy to be here!

The urge to smoke is still with me and I think I need to be on high alert at the moment.

Part of me wants to let my guard down, a voice is telling me that it's not that hard to stop smoking - I've already managed it for a week without too much pain. The same voice then suggests that I chill out and have a few smokes, it won't matter I can just stop again after that since its not that hard to quit.

I pretty much made up my mind to happily pop over to the shops and buy some cigarettes, then suddenly I realized and thought 'stop, wtf am I thinking - this is stupid'. So I came on here to share.

How sneaky is this nicodemon, it truly is like the devil. It really manipulates the way you think and somehow makes the indefensible seem ok. A wolf in sheep's clothing, as it acts like your friend but is really your enemy!

I need to stay alert and know that I do not want to smoke today.

Hope everyone else is doing well today.

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Well done on getting this far. I look forward to being able to post in week 2. It will mark another achievement for me. Just keep going and I'll always look for you that bit ahead of me.

Thanks Mark, glad to meet a fellow non smoker. It's good and helpful to share the experiences, I'll be looking out for you posts too.

Feel free to post a rant when things get tough. Have a good day as a non smoker today!

Well done Sam, into second week cold turkey is pretty amazing if you ask me!

I totally understand your cravings and thoughts whilst going CT, I coulkd not get beyond 3 days!!!

Kepp going mate, if you done this far you certainly can go all the way! only advice I can give ( going by my friends who also managed on CT is ) take one craving at a time and busy yourself for a min, ice cold water takes away the cravings when you get that awful impulse!

I will be officially non smoker come sunday, so reading how your coping is really going to benefit so thank you!


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