14 months nicotine free 2day!!

hi all fellow class of june 2011 quitters jus thought id pop by n let every1 no im at the 14 th month flag soo pleased wit myself! im so glad i took the plunge n just stopped smoking has bin hard but not even 1 puff (think i would pass out now wit head rush lol!) so keep it up all other quitters n good luck on your jorney its so worth it in the end x:)

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  • Congratulations. It's always great to know that there is light at the end of what seems to be a very long dark tunnel :)

  • Hello Una

    Glad to see that you are doing well Una, have been watching your pposts because you WERE a long time smoker like me 50 years. I will be 6 months smoke free Aug 19 th, good on you girl

  • Hi Lills,

    I've been watching you too. There aren't many of us who have QUIT after all that time. Nearly 8 weeks for me and it is getting easier. I'm going to get rid of the patches tomorrow night and then I'll feel I'm progressing.

  • :D



    thats a great positive post to read :)

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