Month 14

Wow who would have believed it. The last 2 months have flown by. Not been around much recently and I have to apologise for that, I received so much help, support, friendship etc from the forum I should be here to repay that.

To all of you out there, I am living, breathing proof that it can be done. Some days are harder than others, but if I can then anybody can.

Good luck everyone.

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  • Hi Bev glad to hear from you, and like you I cant believe how fast the time has passed and then before you know it you are touching another milestone and 14 months is a sweet touchstone I’m sure, having the odd bad day is completely normal I would imagine cause packing up the fags makes us slightly abnormal don’t you think LOL

    Soon be Xmas and that’s even scarier for me and I’m hoping that I can get a criggy tree in the living room as the move has seen our room shrink a bit so could be a struggle LOL keep up the good work and stay strong and happy.


  • Well done Bev.

  • ...have to apologise....

    Accepted :p

    ....I am living, breathing...

    Good to hear :) Keep it that way ;)

    Well done, does just get easier and more importantly, 'normal' :cool:

  • Great stuff Bev, nice one

    Cav - it's good to hear that it does get 'normal'


  • Well done Bev, a great non-smoker.


  • Cav - it's good to hear that it does get 'normal'

    Tinks, :)

    I can well remember in my first year how difficult it could be at times...invariably every day for ages pre 5 months in my case. But fight the good fight and as the vast majority of 'oldies' cite it becomes the norm and really enjoyably freeing.

    There are a very few who struggle for one reason or another but they are the minority and so the odds are firmly banked in your favour. Read up in the links, educate yourself about your quit and get to a firm understanding :cool:

    Keep on keepin' on,


  • Hi Bev!

    14 months, wow thats really fab-tastic a huge well done to you.

    Thank you for your support too.

    Snowie x

  • Wow Bev congrats hon, 14 months is huge, can't wait to be there!

    Jane x

  • Awww thanks guys. Most days now I don't even think about fags, and even if thoughts do enter my brain they leave fairly quickly. I don't want a fag, but whether I could say I will never have another one for the rest of my life, well I'm not sure.

    For me this is still an ongoing process, but a much, much easier process than it was.

  • Bev - great to see you at 14 Months.

    Great here isn't it?


  • Bev - great to see you at 14 Months.

    Great here isn't it?


    Great to see you too.

    It is fantastic here.

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