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HELP Suddenly Snoring???


Hi There,

Just wondering if anyone else has started snoring scince quitting. I haven't been sleeping as well as normal but what my body seems to feel is nessasary because I'm not tired at all but last night my boyfreind had to go and get earplugs out of his work bag because I was so loud. Pretty much as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I should also mention that I read alan carrs easy way to stop smoking so I'm not drugged and I don't feel stressed

Any Idears?

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The higher levels of Oxygen being carried in your blood, together with the relaxing and clearing of bronchial tubes may well lead to an increase rate of air flow across nasal and adenoidal passages, thereby leading to an increased risk of snoring, especially if you adopt sleep positions which tighten airways.

There is no easy solution....but good luck.

Dealing with snoring may be tough but dealing with cancer is tougher.

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