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Thank you Everyone


I want to thank all of you for your messages. I'll be back to day one tomorrow. At least I won't have any phonecalls. I could cope with the situations where I knew I would smoke more but I couldn't cope with out of the blue phonecalls. Seemingly I have now lost a sister but no big deal. If she couldn't respect my wishes not to call me then she isn't much of a sister anyway. I've smoked 40 cigarettes since she called me yesterday and I haven't enjoyed any of them.

Looks like lots of people are joining me tomorrow so I better be on my best behaviour

Thanks again friends :)

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Hi Una, I'm just like you with phone calls - I get so edgy & annoyed :eek:

I've even told people not to come round to see me because the first few days everything & everyone just gets on my nerves!

I think i'll be glued to this board next week with a lollipop in my mouth most of the time :D

Denise x

its best to fight the triggers when you are ready i had to return to work from my maternity leave when i was twelve weeks quit i was soooooooooo nervous and scared turned out much easier than i had anticipated

we are all here for you una you can do this just post how your feeling i guarentee someone somewhere will have felt exactly the same'

good luck


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