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Hello everyone, new here

Hello fellow quitters!

So glad to have found this site. I am on day 16 of my bid for freedom and glory and really struggling the last couple of days. Reading about similar experiences here has been so helpful. Thought I was going nuts, surely it should be getting easier by through the first terrible days and surely should be on the home straight by why am I shouting at a can of coke because it has changed it's flavour :)

Must keep calm and not shout at inanimate objects (too much)


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You're quite right, you shouldn't shout at the inanimate objects, you should KICK THEM!!!

I've said before in other posts, I did fine at first but hit a major wall around days 12-15. I guess Rome wasn't built in a day, huh.

Welcome to the site. Keep going, we can do this.



Hi Kwitted Steve

I am on day 13 cold turkey and find its getting harder...not missing smoking just the habit of it, i think.

I was hoping it would have been much easier by now...never mind it cant be much longer before we stop thinking about cigs.

Keep at it




Hi Steve, 16 days is fantastic! You should be well proud of yourself :D

BTW, does the Coke taste better or worse? :)


Thanks everyone!

I made the switch to diet coke about a year ago, which now tastes awful! Thankfully the wine still tastes just fine:)

It has been more of an obsessive rumination the last few days rather than a climbing the walls craving like in the early days. Definately helps to keep the mind occupied



I also hit a wall on day 11 to day 15... it was hideous, but its worth getting through it... am feeling way more positive now... the last two days have been pretty good, with minimal cravings. have had situation after situation over the last few days where I ordinarily would have smoked, but didn't even want to. And the smell of fags is repulsive now... my sense of smell is HYPER-sensitive.

well done on getting to day 16, here's to a lifetime smoke-free. :D


hey there steve. i know what your going through. tomorrow is day 16 for me:D i dont want it physically anymore...its all mental. its amazing how i think ok when i get home ill have a cup of coffee and a cig..than relize that i dont smoke anymore...i get irritated and then an hour later im pleased with myself for everything passes and moods change....i just keep my eye on the life :) well wishes to ya and hang in there...we are all on the same withdrawel boat!! better that than the smoking boat;)


I'm new to the site too

Hi All

I'm on day 15 - today better than the last 3. I feel like I'm in some withdrawal limbo though. Can't really concentrate on much and feel quite anxious all the time.

I'm really pleased with myself for coming this far but just feel a bit bereft. I know it's in my mind. But I've been smoking for the best part of 32 years so it's bound to take some time to get used to.

Is there anyone on month 3 or 4 that can tell me they feel better?


Last cig 2.1.11


I coke does taste awful!!

Congrats on the quit BTW


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