No Smoking Day
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Winner winner chicken dinner!

Well, I'm back from five days staying in a resort hotel/casino in Atlantic City, and I didn't smoke. Not once.

Was I tempted? Sure, plenty of times. In the casino, where it is legal to smoke, I caught a few urges, but they were minor.

The biggest challenge was when I found myself in the midst of a personal issue with a close friend, and I was really depressed, discouraged and down.

Finding myself alone that night, I really, really struggled with the thought of letting myself have a smoke.

I knew it would be stupid; I knew I'd be playing with fire; and I knew that there's no such thing (for me) as "just one."

As bad as I was feeling about the personal issue, I just couldn't add to my woes by destroying my quit. I've come too far.

So I just grit my teeth and "will-powered" myself through it, and I made it to the other side.

To review,

I just spent four nights, and almost five full days, in a smoky casino - and I didn't smoke. :)

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Well done Dgee!!!! I had faith in you I knew you would do


Well done DGee. Hard at the time but worth it.

Hope you had a good break even with all the smoke around



Well done! Seriously well done. You should be SO proud of yourself!!! We can all empathise with how hard this was for you. Keep on keeping on with what you're doing! :D


Hey well done DGee for not lighting up in the dark despair it really would have made it so much worse , Youve had a baptism of fire well not fire cos u didnt light up but your an awesome dude now and awesome dudes do it all smokefree.

Mash :cool:


Great job on pulling through DGee!

That's one more feather in your cap, or whatever metaphor you want to use! :D BTW was that KFC you had? In any case, you are a winner!



KFC all the way!


Great DG

Welcome back and congrats on making it! :)


Well done! That must have been a big test for you. Hope you feel really proud of yourself. Did you win any money?;)


I lost $20. :)


What i wanna know is .... wot was the fight over :D...... only kiddin , well done and hope ya still winning eh :) x


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