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The 1st Smoke Free Xmas After Christmas Dinner Super Crave


Just a warning on those who have quit closer to Christmas than others although I'm not saying it would be easy for anyone really when it comes to the "The 1st Smoke Free Xmas After Christmas Dinner Super Crave" yep that crave, some might not be bothered as much, some might be around a visiting in laws who are on 80 million a day but whatever ever you do after your big fat Christmas dinner do not cave to the crave, you may think "ahhh it is Christmas one will be OK" NO IT WILL NOT! That will only be YOU giving the nicodemon his prize crimbo prezzie he doesn't deserve and it will make you feel crap as all the nicotine receptors start to thrive gain.

If you do get a ridiculous crave then do the norm in fact it should be easier to distract yourself at this time of year, even 5 or 10 mins should do it, go and play with the kids Christmas toys or something, if anyone laughs at you their probably the narrow minded one's you won't see until next year anyway, another way especially if you have no smokers present is to make sure you have not in reach, maybe a pack out of the draw from the original quit.

If you crave at Xmas and you don't smoke, just think how good you will feel about yourself for not smoking when all the festive thingy's have been and gone, you can then think "Hang on, If I can beat the turkey crave i can beat anything".

Just put your mind to it today if you are in any sorts concerned about it so you can prepare correctly.

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Happy carol singing too :)


Great post Steel. Happy Christmas. I'm about to get my lunch ready:D


Ooooo don't be picking too much like I would, you'll ruin ya own dinner lol :)

That's a great post. Merry Christmas to you.

Thanks for that post. Dinner cooked, eaten and washed up. Now currently eating mint matchmakers with feet up. Merry Christmas xx

Fab post Steel, I remember being on my guard massively last year and this year, guess what, it never even occurred to me - CHUFFED TO LITTLE MINT BALLS WAS I!!!!!! The day DOES come folks, I promise you faithfully, it really DOES!

Yep me too, just a norm to me this year but my first xmas I was almost 12 months in as I was a Jan quitter and although I was was flying I won't lie I did get cravings over first xmas, not before or not after but over the first period yes i did, for me it was like doing for the first time and it was at the time one of the few things that by silly subconscious mind had still to reset although due to the length of time I'd had already quit the cravings could have been a lot worse if this makes sense :/

Such a messed up addiction smoking is.

Absolutely Steel. What fools we were to ever have started in the first place and thank goodness our smoking days are behind us now forever.

Being still in the very early stages of my quit this time last year, Christmas 2013 was decidedly odd and it's been blinking fantastic this year to be able to really let my hair down & enjoy myself. :) Having said that, there was a point yesterday when I did find myself vaguely thinking that I could do with a fag (admittedly at that point in Christmas Dinner preparation when it's all getting away from you and the kitchen just ain't big enough :rolleyes:). It passed very quickly, thankfully, and a slug of fizz did the trick nicely. ;)

A slug of fizz?

My guess would be a glass of wine?

A slug of fizz?

My guess would be a glass of wine?

Yes, but of the fizzy can't have too much fizz....:)

Superb Karen, there really is life after cigs;)

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