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No sense of smell day 38

Hi all I as the title suggests have no sense of smell whatsoever, is this normal my sense of smell seemed to be much better when I was smoking. I have also had the most dreadful mouth ulcers, even though I brush twice a day and do the whole mouthwash thing.

I have also been told I have really bad wind of the choke a donkey kind, although with no sense of smell it's not high on my list of priorities, it is high on the wife's list though and my children aren't chuffed either to be fair.

No inhalator for best part of two weeks, 15mg patches intend to do the three month programme, don't have any bad cravings sleeping ok, don't ever want to and will never smoke again.

Day 38 not smoked 570 cigs, not had 5130 drags on a cig, actually banked £400.

369473 smoking related deaths worldwide since I quit.

Slowly killing myself for 29 years until 16 th feb 2012

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:D Hi Jonboy, Oh my I laughed out loud at the (choke donkey). lol. I don't know why you can't smell maybe you should ask the Dr. But I know my sense of smells wreaks havoc in the choke donkey section. lol.

But well done in getting to day 38.

All the best.


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