having a drink tonight!

Right, im on day 9 and i need a drink!! Im really apprehensive of having any alcohol, have totally avoided it up to now but a friend (who smokes) is coming round later with a bottle of wine. Im ready to take on the challenge but worried a little drinkie will lower my defences and make cravings even harder than they usually are. 'dont have a drink then' i hear you say, but im determined to have a good social time without sticking a fag in my gob, scared too though.....

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  • Hey

    Well done on 9 Days.

    I faced the drinking situation last weekend. Friday, the first night, i was totally miserable, felt uncomfortable etc. But strangely the more i drank the less i felt this way!

    The following day, I had a birthday. Was a lot easier. Think the first night helped big time. I went out once this week for a pint and again, it was easier than the saturday.

    Expect it to be tough tonight, but you will have to face it at somepoint!

    Good luck

  • Cheers for that ben, im worried the more i drink the more i will crave? Will let you know how it goes :)

  • Hi helen well done on getting to day 9 : D

    Drinking at home is easier then being out at the pub just enjoy yourself and have a great night you wilbe fine

    Onwards and upwards :)

  • Hi Helen,

    Well done on 9 days, does the no smoking in doors rule apply at your house? If so when your mate goes outside just pour yourself another drink sit back & relax in the warmth!!


  • How did the evening go Helen?

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