No Smoking Day
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10 days!!!

hello dear friends, just wanted to pop in to check how is everyone doing..?! and of course to say that i'm still here, still here as a non-smoker:)

i won't be able to post a lot in the next week and a half, due to technical problems:(... sorry not to be around, hope you won't forget me...;)

so yeah.. i think i defeated my cravings, i still them sometime but they are kept well under control... though yest i did feel like smoking, had an irresistible urge, not so much because of the insurmountable craving, but rather because of wrong thinking that cigarettes are somehow interesting and just cool.. insane, no?! i think we get sucked by the appearance when we first start and it something that might hunt us too. sure we might've been always aware of this, but yesterday i had a revelation to what extent it can affect us.

Stay strong my friends!

ps hotandcold, are you making tea or coffee?? hot chocolate..?lol

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well done making it to dau 10 :D . Keep going and I hope to hear from you soon :p



hugs :)


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