Hi all, found you on Day 3

Hi all,

Nice to meet you all. I found this website because I need people to support me through this!

A bit of background on me... same old story I suppose, I find it easy to quit but I never keep to it. But I've never really PROPERLY tried before.

Anyhow, I thought (about a month ago) that I really wanted to try (I watched the BBC 4 documentary about Bill Hicks). I stopped smoking at work so was down to 1 first thing in the morning then 2 or 3 in the evening UNLESS I was going out on the town, in which case I could smoke a whole pack!

So I bought an electronic cig, just to try it you know... I thought maybe I could replace some cigs with it.

I got it lunchtime on the 25th (so I'd had 1 in the morning) and I haven't had another since!! It satisfies all the cravings perfectly (habitual and physical). I'm very pleased except that I feel like absolute POO today. Really congested and snotty....ergh!!!

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  • Well done on making that decision, you now only have to *not smoke today*

    What you are feeling is probably your body starting to clean everything out, or maybe your getting a cold. Go to the doctors and Im sure they will tell you what it is.

    Anyway, welcome to the forums. I came here 3 weeks ago as, like you, I needed the support, support you will find in bucketloads, this is like the AA group for nicotine addicts and I certainly wouldnt have got to the end of week 3 without the support the lovely people on this site give to all of us.

    Keep posting and talking and reading and you will succeed.

    Lilllie xx

  • Hi quitter and well done for getting to Day 3:D You will find some physical symptoms in the early days. All part of the healing process. I have had terrible sore throats and I thought my nose would never stop running!! But it does start to clear up so bear with it and enjoy ya quit:D It is the best thing you can do for yourself.

    All the best,


  • Thanks guys it helps!

    I know it's early days but I cannit reccommend the electronic ones enough. I don't actually miss smoking at all, the puff of 'smoke' that is actually water vapour looks and feels so realistic. And unlike a real cig, you don't feel oblidged to smoke the whole thing to get your money's worth, just a few puffs takes the craving away.Ive no idea how the transition from vapour to nothing will go but I think I'll think about that another time!! :)

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