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Week 2

Hi all

Can't believe I've joined a forum to help me stop smoking!!! But hey ho, let's give it a go. I am on day 12 today and using the 2mg gum to assist me to kick the horrid smoking habit!!!

I find the days easy (ish) and can fight the urge to have a cigarette. It's the mornings!!! For the first hour in the morning I can think of nothing else but smoking; I don't even want to get out of bed!! I feel lonely in a morning and keep thinking to myself, "surely one in the morning won't hurt". I obviously know that one cigarette will hurt, hence the reason me joining this forum for some help and advice and support.


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Jo Jo

The fact that you have made day 12 is an awsome feat unto it's self!

If the crave are still a problem try this it works

The best advise i can give you is to read, read and read LOL is the best place to start, once you understand your addiction, nicotine, withdrawl etc etc etc you will be better equipped to handle it.

But like i said the fact you have made it sooo far is awsome

Stay Strong


Hey jo that morning smoke is a hard one to let go of mine used to be my reason for waking up my loyal friend. it took a while to change that routine i even changed the furniture aroud and sat in a different chair. be persistent in breaking that kind and spoil yourself first thing. that image of the first cigarette is a myth.



Well done Jo. I felt the same way, I wondered if anyone would still be active on here. It has been the best thing I could have done to help my quit.

Although none of us know one another away from this forum these people have become my online family. They pick you up, encourage and push all when needed.

I couldnt have got this far without this forum.

Keep at it Jo that crave will get less and less.

Lillie xx


You've done great Jo.

I find mornings difficult too. In the first week, I got up, switched on my computer and posted here. I also started eating a tiny bit of breakfast.

I think Mash has some good advice...change routines.

The help and encouragement from this forum is invaluble, so I'm glad you've found it.


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