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No Smoking Day
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Nicodemon has moved into my head again

Today I cant stop thinking about smoking. My mother smokes and she has gone out shopping and left her cigarettes here. I keep opening the packet looking at them then shout no! and put them down.

I need every bit of willpower to get though today.

Im going to see my gorgeous grandson later so apart from making me happy just being with him, smoking is also banned anywhere near him. I might actually go sooner than later.

Headlines in tomorrows press

A 51 year old woman beats 72 year old mother to death for leaving her cigarettes at home......

I wouldnt really, honestly I wouldnt :eek::rolleyes:

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Hi Lillie,

It's so strange how those nicodemons jump into our minds when we are least expecting it. But remember, the nicodemon has an IQ of zero, so you are smarter and you CAN beat it;)

Now, stop peeking at your Mum's ciggies AT ONCE:eek: and send me her mobile number so I can warn her not to come home in case you get any bad ideas....

Stay strong Lillie,

You have come such a long way:D



Lillie, Lillie...don't go near them, but just imagine if you did actually have one.

What would it do? It will taste horrible and you'll feel really bad you did it, but then you'll want another one and another one and then you're back on that same old treadmill.

You're free now and you've done SO well to get here.

Tell your Mum to hide her fags away!!!

Stay with it.



tempting!!:o its quite strange how the nicodemon can sneak up atany time even after week three!! i would get your on back by hiding your mums fags and pretend youy aint seen them:p


Well I survived and so did mum. I did wind her up when she came home though, I walked into the kitchen with one of her ciggies and started going on about how it was her fault and she shouldnt have left them. After a couple of minutes she realised it wasnt lit and tried to hit me with her walking stick lol!

Im also laughing my head off at the replies, thats what I love about this place that we can pick someone up with straight advice or humour, to be honest I needed the humour today.

Thanks Y'all

Lillie xx


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