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Day 10....Double figures!!


Thank you Jen and Una and Chris for your lovely replies to my (slightly)miserable post yesterday.

Today..well, it's better again, or I'm better again.

Nice time in the pub last night, I am ok drinking and not smoking..phew..that's a relief!

I did have a momentary thought today that I would have a cigarette when I got home..huh? It was very fleeting.

Hope everyone else is ok


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Hi Lizzie,

Congrats on getting to double figures, isn't it a great feeling:D It's also nice to be able to have a drink without craving a cig, I was worried about that:eek: The only thing I find though is that if I have a drink my hand automatically starts reaching out for imaginary cigs that are not there .... a bit irritating but not a serious problem. And look how far we have come!! We were both a bit scared of the dreaded quit but now we are doing just fine. So well done to us and to everyone else who is quitting. We will not only beat the cigs but we will be stronger in other aspects of life too, I KNOW it!!

So well done again Lizzie;)



Hi Zoe

It shows that the fear of quitting can stop you making that one decisive step into actually doing it.

And we've done it!!

Drinking is still lovely without smoking and I didn't have to go outside in the cold and have to miss essential gossip!!

I'd find it very difficult to quit alcohol.

Maybe I should start a thread about what would be harder to give up than nicotine....

(not including family and friends..taken as read, .....or maybe not!!!)

Have a great evening




Well done Elizabeth, you are doing so well.

I gave up drinking about 4 weeks before I quit smoking, drink doesnt bother me at all, I really thought it would as I had one(or two) every night when I got home from work. I was terrified about quitting smoking but the encouragement I have had from you and others on this site has been a godsend.

Im sure we will meet up in that penthouse that awaits us all.

Good luck everyone xx


Thanks Lizzie:D

It shows that the fear of quitting can stop you making that one decisive step into actually doing it.

Oh so true and I regret the wasted years when I was too scared to stop. But we are doing it now and it feels so great!!



Fantastic Elizabeth! You should be SO proud.

H x


Well done Lizzie! :)

You're so right about the fear of the quit. Not saying it's been super easy, but I expected much wailing and gnashing of teeth, day in, day out, til I went loopy (well, loopier :D)

Jen x


Very well done lizzie.

Keep it up :)


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