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Day 6 - Obliterated !! (sp).... lol

Ya know what I mean, if it's not spelt correctly !

Well my fellow quitters..... Day 6 was passed suspiciously easy....??

Yeah, I had the now expected voices in my head..... (ssshh they will lock me up and throw away the key)

They say things like:

.......go on, have one... you know you want too... you not gonna keep this up forever...

My response was.... Oh just 'f*** off' nicodemon, yer Bo-Ring !! :D

And that was that !!

Out late tonight picking my Mother up from the airport and the stress levels went up a notch when the motorway was closed for roadworks, which added an extra 35-40mins to the journey and a diversion in crawling traffic about 10 miles long...:mad: But I knew a ciggy wouldn't open the motorway up, so instead I sucked on an nice fresh smelling xxx mint :p

(which actually had a nice calming effect too!)....... Come On !

Now Day 7 (Yes my first FULL WEEK !! Oh yesssss) will be completed tomorrow but I will not be around the boards for a couple of days (sorry for any upset that may cause.....:D) because I'm away for a couple of days (working unfortunately). When I chose my quit date last week 13th Oct, I was seriously worried about tomorrow because I will be driving approx 220 miles that means 4 hours+ in the CAR without a ciggy ! dum dum dummm

But guess what guys, I'm not the slightest bit concerned... what a difference just 6 little days can make.... this time last week I couldn't have considered driving for 4 hours+ without a fag !

So onward and upward I'm marching..... one Day at a time !

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You're doing fantastically Mr Dragon.

Stock up on the mints or sweets and keep a book or newspaper in the car in case of traffic.

Good luck for the next few're going to be fine

(and have a safe, swift and stress-free journey)



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