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My Experience the last 24 Hrs

Through day 1 (thank you so much guys for the support on my day 1) and half way through day 2....was tempted a few times today..or shall I say craved...but got over the a bit snappy a few times....thanks my darling hubby for the help and encouragement...but, please lets stay out of the shops and malls for the next few days, there was a few times I felt like losing control because people where just darn right taking there sweet time which was irritating me to no end. Oh yes, I found that I woke up at 2am, 3am, 4am and again at 5am which is our normal get up time. Is this normal when quitting?

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Hi Gail

Congratulations on reaching day 2, if you can go over 24 hours you have proved to yourself you can do it. Sorry to hear you're not sleeping well. I have slept much better since quitting but my hubby's been having a terrible time with sleeping. I think it got easier for him after the first few days. Maybe try and cut out anything that might disturb you like coffee etc but I think it will get easier in a few days.

I can so relate to being grumpy, my OH is so strong with his quit I could kick him at times. He puts up with so much from me but really is my rock, I couldn't have done it without him letting me shout scream and generally verbally seeth out my fears at him (I did cry a child:o)

I think it's a bit like the excorcist, the nicodemon takes you over once in a while and you are not responsible for anything that comes out of your mouth........, well that's my excuse anywaye :rolleyes:

Good luck and stick with it, you have lots of support here!



Well done Gail you are doing great. I suffered with waking on the hour every hour for the first week or so but it will soon pass. Don't know why because I had also cut down on coffee (cigs and a coffee went together for me) so it wasn't that . I guess it's just that your body is working overtime to cope with all the changes that stopping smoking brings, it will pass though. :)


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