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Does anyone have a partner still smoking? Just wondered as I feel this is an added rough edge on the quit! I dont expect mine to stop, their choice, but just recently the fact i am smelling smoke around me is bugging me more than it was last week, smokes at back door but it blows back in grrr lol...i just go around opening windows. Trying not to b unreasonable. Ahh anyway i just wanted that ramble off my chest!

Day 40 woop woop xxxxx

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Yes Nicki my OH still smokes and yes it bugs me, by the back door if it is wet but outside if it is fine. It stinks never noticed so much before. Tried to get him to stop but he says he'll do it when he's ready, wish he would have a go though:(

Aw thanks betty...glad to here i'm not alone...yes it stinks..i never noticed before how it sticks to clothes..i had hoped he would stop recently but never happened..given up asking coz it equates to 'nagging' lol ...think i will have to get tough come winter months :p

Have you thought about building him a shed? Blokes are supposed to like those, and it would keep him and his smoke "contained".....

LOL !!:D that idea

Yes Nicki I am now accused of nagging! and Mrs T he's got a garage but wont go up there all the time.:confused:

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