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Hello, new member, 10th day hell!

Hello folks,

Packing in the fags using patches (24hr).

I started on the 21mg for the first week but have now dropped down to 17mg.

Absolutely fine Monday and Tuesday but today.....well, all i can say is murderous thoughts don't come close.

I figured the second week would get a bit easier and to be honest it was until today!

rant over!



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hey hi and welcome

it seems you have dropped down on the lower patch quite quickly maybe it would be better to stay on the 21mg for a bit longer



I know what you mean but the mental dreams and sleep deprivation were terrible on the higher patches.

Might be worth going back though.




Hi Oliver,

I too suffered with vivid dreams and disturbed sleep whilst on the 24hr patches and dropped down within just days. However, regardless of quit method most folk seem to suffer to some degree with those problems.

I do feel that once I dropped down the nights were better to get through.

The drop in nicotine seeping into your bloods stream via the patches should only be noticeable for a day or two at most.

For better sleeps it may be worth coping with this drop :)

This site has some great information to help you understand what quitting involves and its effects on us, both mentally and physically.

It's a journey for sure. Read the many links in some members signatures. Understanding what's ahead of you will put you in a position of knowledge and strength.

Believe too that it really does get easier :cool:

Congrats to you on reaching 10 days.

All the best for continuing your quit.



Cheers Pol,

I think the drop will be worth it for overall peace within my body!

Just need to 'suck it up' and get used to it!

To be honest when I stand back and look at my situation there are way way more pro's than con's to this non smoking lark.


To be honest when I stand back and look at my situation there are way way more pro's than con's to this non smoking lark.

wat a brilliant out look couldnt have said it better myself

other option with the patches if u are struggling is take them off at night i did some nights

the inhalator is amazing got one about six weeks in wished i had from the beginning

i really miss my vivid dreams now at the time it made u tired n the morning


Well done on reaching 10 days, and good luck with your quit Oliver. I hope that you find a happy balance between enough NRT and a bit of peace along the way. Let us know how it goes!


Cheers folks,

I was feeling fairly crappy today and I figured talking to people in the same boat would be a good idea, it was.

Just completed about 5 hours of house painting this evening, DIY is not good, usually rewarded with the fags afterwards but fortunately not this evening.

Ah well, keep on keeping on!


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