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Day 7 - yeah baby!


Woot, celebrations all around, made it to day 7.

Some good news and some bad news:

Bad news: Today was a tough day.

Good news: I expected it to be tougher than it was.

For the first time since quitting, I attended a social event today; a good friend of mine finished his masters at the university, and had a celebration with some food and champagne.

So, there were a lot of "firsts" for me today since quitting - both the social setting, the alcohol and the celebration.

A lot of people were smoking, and it did make me crave a bit, thankfully none of the people I was talking to happened to smoke, so it wasn't that bad (I found out some days ago it doesn't bother me seeing people smoke).

I chose not to drink too much, but I could feel the alcohol giving me some light cravings.

I think the thing that triggered my cravings the most though was the thought of having a smoke with my friend to celebrate (he is a light smoker and we usually smoke on occations such as these). Anyway I managed to get through the whole thing without smoking or craving too bad, I think mainly due to the fact that I had prepared for it mentally.

We also had coffee, which is another trigger for me.

Anyway I feel like this was a good start for me, as it was a social event with alcohol, but not like a party or bar setting.

So happy to say that I've been smokefree for day 7 now and that I will be moving into the next section of the forum, so catch you there ;)

By the way guys and girls, noone replied to my post yesterday, which made me a bit sad. None of my family knows I'm a smoker and none of my friends know what it's like to quit smoking, so I have nowhere else to get some pats on the back and support except here. Even though I write that everything is well, it's really nice to get some support, since I can't tell anyone else how proud I am of myself.

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Well Done Smokecat.

You should be really really proud of yourself. If they had a trophy or clapping hands as a smilie I would put them on my post to you.

I may not be around in week 2 as I am on holiday for a couple of weeks and by the time I get back on you will have moved to week 3 but may manage to get on briefly so will catch up with your posts.

Keep up the good work



I may not know you, but I love you already! Pat at the back for being 7 days smokefree! :)

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