No Smoking Day
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how is everyone feeling today? i hope you all are doing well. we should all be proud of ourselves. i know most of us in these early stages are feeling many aches, pains and discomfort. know these will all pass. our bodies are healing and our minds are becoming clearer. doesn't the world seem brighter and cleaner, it sure does to me. the urges are getting less and less and although during our days we may hit some obstacles remember every day is an opportunity for victory and we all will be victorious over this horrible, disgusting, deadly habit...enjoy your days smoke free my friends.....xoxoxoxoxo

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11th day

I'm on 11th day. I'm feeling mostly great! The urges are getting way better. The only problem is that I'm still short-fused, and eating a lot.

My sleep improved in a way It's hard to describe: I wake up refreshed, feeling good. I thank god for such wonderful feeling.

I tried to stop last year using Chantix, it didn't work. After 5 days the side-effects got me I went back to smoking.

Cold-turkey now, feeling great, will NEVER smoke again.



Hello both glad to see you giving qutting a go.

What you are doing for yourselves is amazing, it is the best thing you can do for your body.

I wish you well it's not easy, but it can be done even after 35 years:eek:




hey eduardo and bettyboop...glad to hear from you guys. cold turkey is wonderful and i am so glad it is working for you. be real proud of yourself cause you're not using any nicotene help. i am using the patch and i must say its working great. the most i ever did was 9 days cold turkey but gave in on the 10th day. now with the patch i am approaching 2 weeks on sunday and feeling great. think i'll remain with the patch for a bit longer but a lower dosage. strange feeling this morning constantly blowing my nose and don't want to say i had a craving but i pictured myself on my porch smoking. i quickly put my patch on and went for a walk. it passed and did not make me feel good that i used to smoke. i can't even say i miss it, i think it was just the habit of doing it and the places i would do it. now i am totally readjusting everything in my life so as to not ever go down that smokers road again. we are accomplishing soo much, be proud of us, i sure am....hope to hear back from you guys!!! xoxoxox:


I'm glad to see that you have lasted longer this time eddiev! I hope that the quit continues to go well for you :p Smoke free is definitely the way we should all be


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