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Week 2

Sorry guys meant to post on Monday but been really busy at work, this week so far has been hectic but have found no time to even think about smoking.

Tomorrow my daughter goes to majorca with the grandparents so that means I am down to just one kid so time will become more readily available which is when I am at my weakest.

i decided to treat my self to a new game for the PS3 on payday last week and in the evenings when the kids are in bed I have used it to occupy my spare time it is a great and fun way to keep my mind of ciggies.

To be honest Allen Carr's method encourages you not to stop thinking about smoking and instead use it to your advantage which is great.

So far so good this week but the end of the week will be a challenge again as the weekends are always potential times to slip-up.

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and if you do hppen to think about smoking, just say YIPPEE i quit! you know the best thing about allen carr is that not only did he use the word yippee, but he capitalised it!!! the man is a legend :)

i like his tip for when you see people smoke, maybe on the weekend, look at them looking like they are relaxed and enjoying a cig, but then think that in half an hour or an hour they WILL HAVE TO smoke another, then another, then another, they have no choice, they are not free. works for me every time that one, i love my freedom and not giving it back....

and also .... get out on that cycle!


Bad News had a blip last night and had a few fags whist having a drink .The missus went to work and left a pack of fags with four in and after a few beers I smoked the lot so today I am back to the start.

I feel really crap told the missus this morning and she blamed her self for leaving the packet, but I told her it should not matter I should have the motivation to stay off them.

I am not going to mess about though it could have been so easy to just give in and go straight back on the fags this morning but i decided no and to just forget about it and continue with my quit.


Sorry to hear that you had a blip in your quit but it is good that you are keen to get back on the quit!! If the packet wasn't left there then you probably wouldn't have smoked them so this is partially situational but hopefully you have learnt from the experience.


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