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Its now been 19 hours since I stubbed out my last cigarette after 27 years of the filthy habit with the help of Champix.

Feeling exhausted with only a very slight craving and a constanting urge in the pit of my stomach.

I have a real fear of life without my dear friend Fag!! who will be there when I have a trauma? how do I reward myself? Who will relieve the bordom? How will I celebrate? etc How does a non (never) smoker relate to this, do they drink, eat or chew their finger nails?


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Hi there, welcome to the site.

We all know that fear. But it's really not as dreadful as you think. Cigarettes never actually help with stress, in fact the craving for nicotene makes stress ten times worse. And exactly how, when you think about it, does breathing smoke in and out make you any less bored?

99% of a successful quit is retraining your brain not to expect a fag when you encounter those triggers. It's tough sometimes, and it takes time, but it can be done. And as time goes on it gets easier and easier. You can do this!

You might find this interesting:


Helen x

My cigarette, My Friend?

Thanks Helen

I've printed that off. I shall keep it and reference it every morning along with my other props!! This is what I've decided to do instead of drinking my morning coffee with my first cigarettes of the day. I shall sit and read My Friend, look at some before and after pictures of post-smoking smile makeovers and my bank balance.


Good idea. If you're looking for inspiring stuff to read over breakfast, I also HIGHLY recommend 'tales from the quit'.


You'll find a lot of inspiring stuff there, not least about fear. Have a browse.

Well done on nearly getting through another day. Yay you!

H x

the urge in your stomach oh yes i had that it eventually left at first it was there all the time, then after a while it was there wen i thought about it, then one day i noticed it had disappeared

and the fear it is very real and very scary thought facing life without smoking i remember it well but again it fades and get easier

facing a trauma i find i created alot of traumas wen i smoked so it gave me a perfect excuse to smoke i find now my kids dont wind me up or stress me out anywhere near as much as wen i smoked i think i just let it feel like that so i could smoke i have found as a non smoker i am so much calmer and u can get through any situation now and smoking doesnt even cross my mind

boredom - smoking definately does not relieve boredom, find new hobbies to do, i have taken up walking and started doing my magazine puzzles again and my house has never looked tidier also i have seen the bottom of the laundry basket on a number of occasions since quitting

how do u celebrate - you can celebrate anyway u want and you can jump up and down without wheezing or coughing now thats got to be worth celebrating in its self

and a never smoker will never ever understand what you are going through but a ex smoker will

everything you fear will all get better with time i know it seems easy to say but just stay strong get through each day, hour or minite at a time and bit by bit it will get better post on here whenever you need to and read through everything you can understanding why u feel certain ways is the key to getting through it

I figure I'll just wait until something happens and deal with it then, but I do know one thing I'll sort of miss. I always used to cop out of social situations by "popping out to smoke." Heaven only knows what I'll find to dodge the bullets now.:D

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