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7 month anniversary

yeeee haaaaa

big congratulations to me and my fellow new year quitters

we made it to seven months who would have thought this moment would have been possible 6 months and 30 days ago, when we were on our day number one.

to any newbies yes it is possible, it so is. it sure isnt easy but you have to take one day or one hour or even one minuite at a time and bit by bit it gets better then gets easier

and what do you end up with


the best feeling ever

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It's fantastic isn't it? Yeee haaaa indeed! :D

Congratulations, Boo xxx


yay, congrats to everyone...

I have reaped the financial benefit of my quit this week... I bought brand new sofas.... they are the ones I have wanted for about 18 months... there is no way I couldn have afforded to buy them outright if I had been smoking... they are beautiful. ... I LOVE being a non-smoker.:D


congrats boo and congrats to all of us seeing all the benifits of all our hard work!! 5 more months till a year!! i cant wait:D

i cant believe we have made it this far------but then again i can believe it because we all did it together and succeeded!!:)


:D excellent news, honoured to be following on behind you all .....


group hug!



{{{hug}}}} {{{{hug}}}} {{{{{hug}}}}

none of us would be here without each other


yeee haaa :D:D well done boo! Freedom, that's what it is, and that's just what it feels like every day, keep on going!!


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