3 weeks and 2 days

Hi everyone.

Not had a cig for over 3 weeks now and I don't miss smoking at all :D

Still on the step 1 patches and everything seems to going smoothly. Only gripe I have is, over the past few days my energy levels have took a major dip. I did stay up all night on saturday night though drinking with my mates, that seems to be when it started.

Anyway I can live with low energy and I'm sure it will pass.

I hope everyones quit is going well and thanks for reading.


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  • What an inspiration you are!

    congrats on 3! im at 2!!

  • congratulations on week 3 youll be at a month in no time!! :)

  • Thanks guys :D

  • yay, well done daniel, 3 weeks is so good!

    energy low..i get that too, but its getting a bit better! ... but when i think back to smoking, didnt feel that energetic then either. :)

  • Thanks Kitkat :)

    My energy was really low when I was smoking. I think when you first quit it seems like you get quite a lot of energy don't ya, so my energy's probably just gone to normal.


  • Congratulations buddy, I'm now at the same stage that you were at! I hope that your quit is going well :)

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