No Smoking Day

Perpetuating the Myth

Does anyone know the answer to this:

When I was a smoker - other ex-smokers I met told me it is "really hard" and "a nightmare" to give up.

I've been doing a lot of catching up tonight around the forum and found more than one person, who, having successfully quit for a number of weeks are kicking themselves because they did not try earlier because they thought or had been told it would be so hard.

I know that includes myself so why I ask is this myth peddled my successful ex-smokers?

I for sure will be honest with anyone who asks - if you get to the end of week 2 you can overcome most situations without too much pain - IF you want to.

Night - Night :)

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Now what's a bit strange, is that this quit has been relatively easy compared to previous failed ones. I put it down to getting the mind in the right place. EDUCATION RULES:D

Sure there have been some ups and downs, and infuriating resurfacing of the desire to smoke when you think you've got it beaten, but it really hasn't been bad at all.


Hi you, I am one of those. And I have really been beating myself up. So now whenever anybody asks I have a new mantra: Its not easy, but it isn't hard. And I have been going around like a member of a secret sociaty: read, read, read, not ever another puff, nicotin is an adiction... and so on. While on the other hand not trying to make a big fuss of it, because it is not. I just want people around me to see how great I feel!!!!


jim ,you have said what i have been saying all along,,with out this fourm i dont think i would have got true my quit,,for me its been 99% for me.three chrees from me hip hip hip,, keep the faith tony,,


I have to say that i had always thought the same that it was so hard to pack up, and maybe it is but i think like Nic has said the thing that has made it easier for me and maybe alot of people on here is that we have re educated ourselves on smoking.

I started on here thinking oh my god how am i going to cope without my beloved ciggy and then after reading i started to think the total opposite.

If i had known years ago it was going to be this "not easy but not hard" i would of done it alot sooner.

I truly believe this is the most succesful road to staying a non smoker. We will see.




From this vantage point, that is looking at a "quit" three months down the road, I also wonder why I did not stop smoking a lot sooner than I did and If I had known the facts I would have been better equipped to quit.

But, that is not to say I found it easy, it was a difficult time but I think because we now feel so good about what we have done, the memories of a difficult time fade into the distance.......I think it is all psychological trickery!

But anyway, if anyone asks me "was it that bad", I answer truthfully - "it was alot easier than I thought it would be and I can't believe that only three months down the line and I feel THIS GOOD"!!!

I think some ex smokers perpetuate the myth of stopping smoking being difficult because some people (without education) quit because they feel they have to and not because they wanted to so they still think of how they sacrificed their lovely, precious cigarettes and will reminisce about the good times.

Quitting is simple, but it requires alot of effort but if we have the right attitude along with education and support (basically have a plan) then it makes it easier.

I think Mr Carr was right in saying that as long as we never doubt our decision to quit, we will enjoy being a non smoker and will look back at how simple it all was in the end!


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