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Into Third Week

Hi Everyone :)

I'm moving up a level, having completed 2 weeks yesterday so I'm now into my third week. I had set myself a goal of only using lozenges for 2 weeks and I've achieved that, I actually haven't had once since last Saturday so this is my fifth day cold turkey. So I'm well on track, hopefully I can stay on the straight and narrow :)

Good luck to everyone else :)

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Great effort Blondie - well done.

I wouldn't put pressure on yourself re the lozengers, what you're trying to do is of course best all round but just concentrate on staying off the smokes, cigs are a million times worse than the lozengers and it's more important that you stay off the smokes.

Good luck


Yeah Horse, I'm still gonna keep a couple of wee packs of lozenges in my handbag for emergencies - I find I'm still craving when I'm having a drink so I'll probably still use them as a crutch for a while longer cause the last thing I want is to let my guard down when I'm drunk :)


Blondie - the grog has been the downfall on many !

Far easier since the smoking ban as someone who's trying to quit, but no question that alcohol weakens our resolve.

Be strong - and if you have to, take 'em a pack at a time !




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