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Still here - Day 82

Hi all,

I am still here and not sure if I am now posting in the right bit or not! Have had a busy couple of weeks with family visiting and the school holidays.

So things are good. I did have a slight wobble and thought about smoking just to cure my food addiction and then realised that would be very stupid. I had my family here for a whole week and many drunken nights but did not smoke. I went down to my 7mg patches ok but felt they were not really doing anything anymore so quit them on Monday with one week left to go. I expected the worst but have been fine other than feeling like I have the flu (I ache all over morning to night) but without actually being ill. I don't think it is related though as I am almost 4 whole days with no nicotine now.

Anyway the funny thing is since quitting the patches I haven't eaten as much :eek:

I hope you are all doing well with your quits and will try and catch up with everyones posts tomorrrow :D

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Well done Chrissie :D

No nicotine at all, no matter how small a dose and not one ciggie has touched your lips. Whoop, whoop. Keep on going, you're doing just great :D



Hi Chrissie

Big well done on surviving the family and not smoking as I'm sure you said they smoke! Brilliant stuff.

Yes odd with the patches and eating. I had the same thing when I came off the gum, the constant eating stopped! Thank god as I was in danger of only being able to buy clothes in a tent shop!

Keep on trucking, couple of days and you're at 3 months, AWESOME:D


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