No Smoking Day
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A beautiful day 3!

I'm SOOO looking forward to today - Day 3! :D

The sun is shining, I'm on leave from work and I'm spending the day with my bestest friend, who is a non smoker!

I've always felt so guilty when I've spent time with her - always asking if it's ok to smoke (bless her, she was always very understanding!), or anxiously waiting for her to finish eating so that I could go out for a fag. Well, no more!!! Today, I'll just be able to enjoy the day and her company without having to worry about my next ciggie.

And that's' a fantastic feeling! :D

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Have a fantastic day Sarah and well done !:D


Aww how lovely, hope you have a fantastic day.

Well done for reaching day 3, it feels good doesnt it.



Have a lovely day Sarah. So glad it's going well for you!


Well, that's Day 3 nearly done and dusted. Had a great day - a few pangs early evening, but I've discovered that reading really helps to take my mind off smoking. So not only will I be healthier, I'll be better educated too!! :cool:

Thanks for the support and here's to Day 4! :D


All I can say is


Jack x and a big hug


so happy for ya!! hope your day was great!! it really is a freedom not to smoke!!:D keep it up !! remember that we are all here for ya!!


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