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No Smoking Day
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Finally hit a month!

Hey all.

After making very hard work of it, i've officially hit a month smoke free. \o/

I quit back in January, went just short of 3 weeks & got completely plastered. Smoked like a chimney & ended up back on them for a week, after which, my senses returned & i chucked them again.

Just short of 3 weeks later (!) & i go get plastered again. Smoked a 10 box, like a tool. This time i woke the following morning & just acted like it hadn't happened, & now, finally, i'm at a full month smoke free.

Long may it continue!

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Good man MrE and well done! I wonder how many of us fall foul of the 'getting plastered and smoking' syndrome! A fair number I suspect!

But brilliant stuff in your dusting off and getting on with the job. A month, hope you're proud of yourself!


Yeah, i am! Bit annoyed with myself in a way, because i really should be approaching 3 months now instead of just hitting 1, but i'm glad i kept going after my slip-ups.

I feel great for it. My lungs don't wheeze anymore, the extremely worrying 6 month long headache has vanished, my teeth are white again, my eyes & skin are brighter, i can smell & taste things far better, i don't smell like an ashtray, i actually have money to spend on myself, i don't have to make late night/early morning garage trips anymore, & my free time is my own.

Only bad points are...

Actually, there haven't been any.


Congratulations! And what a positive post - very inspirational for us newbies! Thank you!:D


nearly a month,,im amazed

another three days and i will be a month without a ciggie , it only feels like yesterday that i was struggling with my first full day. those first few days were very difficult , a lot of stopping and starting, im telling myself i quit on the 9th but it was probably the 10th or 11th before i had a full day of it, i ended up doing an hour @atime, and ticked them off one by one, such a little thing but had a massive benefit. Had a major crave on day 3, went to shop for milk and the thought 'buy ciggies, one wont hurt u can quit again''. I faced it straight on. remembered what i'd read about cravings only lasting 3 mins, turned around ,walked out,breathed .walked around for abit, went back ,bought the milk...craving dealt with,dont have to do that one again. Years of pavlovian conditioning undone in 3 mins. Amazing what we can do once we become aware and try a different approach. I must have spent years as a mindless zombie puffing away and thinking about the next ciggie day in and day out year after year what drag.Never going there again.as long as i stay away from 1st one I'll never have to smoke again.

Love my patches, wake, peel of the backing, stick it on. love the ritual,make coffee puff on inhalator, and say thank god i dont have to smoke today. my lungs are loving me. my feet are warm my wrinkes are disappearing, my fellow passengers like me near them, no paranoia '' i bet they think i stink'', generally more chilled and liking myself and the experience of living its kinda nice.. thanks all.good luck..Mashx:)


Congrats MrE on your smoke-free month.

I've just hit a month fag-free as well. Some of that time has been easy - but, some of the time has been oh so difficult !

My quit method is 'tepid turkey'.

I've got an inhalator and a very stale cartridge left over from a previous quit attempt some 10 years ago. There's no nicotine left in the cartridge - but it's something to put in my mouth. I'd also got a patch left over from even longer ago - but that fell off after a couple of hours.

So - since day 3 of quitting - I've had no nicotine replacement.

I thought that the first cigarette of the day (within 3 minutes of waking !) was the one I'd miss most. That hasn't been the case. I'm fine first thing - but the cravings get stronger through the day - peaking just after I've finished my evening meal.

What has helped me just a tiny bit is using a saltpipe. There are several brands of saltpipe - all costing approx £30. It does give you something to suck on - and gets nearer to the action of smoking than wearing a patch or chewing gum.

Using a saltpipe is not a magic solution - but it's helped me a bit.

The saltpipe is available from leading chemists - or just 'Google' it.The pipe lasts for 5 years - so incredibly good value for £30.

I'm pleased to have discovered this forum and hope that I can assist fellow ex-smokers - as indeed I shall look to others to assist me on my 'not so good days'.


Well done :D


Well Done MrE

Well done MrE its good to know how you dealt with that. And i bet you feel good that your in 1month zone. I myself have just completed 5weeks. Well done. Jacqui


thats fantastic! well done!


Thanks MrE

You have just confirmed for me how I need to completly avoid any interaction with alcohol for the next couple of months at least. I have skimmed through alot of these discussions and the majority of slip ups have all been drink related!


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