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No Smoking Day
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Very nearly a whole week woo hoooooo

Hi all . just come on very quickly to say how gd i am feeling today instead of grumbling and moaning . demon craving only popped up twice today which i soon overcome :) thinking about the 1st week marker only a few hours away without the dreaded smelly fags and i'm also so very proud of my husband who also gave up the same time. WE CAN DO THIS :D

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Well done - that first week is a milestone a lot of us thought we would never see eh?

Congrats to ye both and keep it going - one day at a time :)



:D yep the first week seems like its not achievable till you reach it :eek: so well done to you and your husband :)

regards carol


Thank you both very much . defo can't believe we made the week it 's certainly had very close giving in moments ....soooo pleased and yes 1 day at a time :-) every day is sooo different it's unreal , i so wan't to get to the point where you both are .... tht would be fantastic ...very well done to u's too ...Hope ur both well today thx again and hope to chat again soon :)


Well done Sam and Hubby

You'll soon be there. Just remeber just take it babysteps at a a time :)


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