No Smoking Day
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A surprising thing happened today.

Since the snow last year, I have been dreading the return of the wintry weather. Well today it has reared its ugly head.

Unlike last year, I now have to drive to work along some country roads that are windy and not gritted.

Well I am not the most confident of drivers, and the car I have is so light it is like a sledge on these roads. So not surprisingly, last year when I had to drive to and from work I was absolutely shaking.

This year, yes I was nervous, but I did not start shaking. Now I remember reading somewhere that you become calmer, and more able to deal with stressful situations when you stop smoking. That smoking can actually make your nerves worse.

So I cannot but help think that the lack of shaking, and the ability to cope that I felt today is linked to my not smoking.

What do you think?

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I think you may be right ! but to be fair the gained self-confidence might just come from not smelling like turd any more,well done you :o



Just wanted to say a big well done from me. I dont like driving in the snow or ice either so if we get some nasty weather i will be able to see how i will cope.

Anyhow, your doing amazingly well so keep up the good work.



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