No Smoking Day

If i go thru a day I'll be surprised

I'm the worst at quitting. Have never managed for more than 2 days. I'm sick of myself by now. Begun to hate my zero resolve. Today's a holiday and I've decided to throw in the towel today. Have joined a forum for the first time because maybe I need help to stick to this resolve. Whenever I feel like smoking I shall come here and fight it along with all of u.


I want to go cold turkey

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You will find everyone here really helpful and friendly, all with different experience of quitting and with different approaches. I have to say, I am now on day 12, I would never have been able to get this far without the guys on the fourm they are all spectacular. So you're dead right when you want a smokey joe hop on here and there is usually someone about.

Good luck



Hi Mensa

Congrats on you new quit your in the right place here plenty of support we are all here for the same thing and know what each other is going through. The first few days are the worse once you get past them things look and feel much better so please stick with it keep posting and be strong Linda xxx Ps are you using ntr or anyother method.


Thanx guys :) :)



You heard from Buffy havent seen her on here in a few days. Linda xxx


:mad: "If i go thru a day I'll be surprised"

Hi Mensa.. so be surprised!:D I was and I too was "the worst at quitting"!:D

Best of luck.:)


Wooo hooo Linda *wave* Thanks for ask9ing after me x x I am fine had a v busy week end! and consumed a glass or two of Wine :D

Welcome on board Mensa x x x

It isn't easy quitting but we keep doing it,

then get annoyed at always quitting,

then the realisation dawns upon us!!

If we don't smoke we don't need to quit!!!

~Buffy x x




Hi Mensa

You are not alone in the 'I only last a few days'.

At least 98 % of my quits before have lasted less than 6 days.

This goes back over the last 26 years when I made my first attempt to stop at 16 years old. I would be very rich if I had a pound for every time i tried to stop.:o

I never believed that I could do it, but with determination it can be done.

Now on the 59th day and it is getting easier. Immensely worth it.

Come on Mensa, we are all with you.:) :)


Hi Mensa,


Welcome to the forum,

We are all here to support and encourage each other, so just pop in when you feel the need and someone will be here to cheer u up or answer any questions you have,

Good luck and stay strong,

Befly x x:D :D


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