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Week 2 - hurray!!!

Hey all!

On day 10 today. Had a very tough day yesterday - got cocky and thought "i can go without my patch for today". Never used to smoke on a Sunday (usually cos was hungover!) and had used 2 patches on Saturday due to the first one falling off in the shower at lunchtime. Rookie mistake. I was very very irritable, angry, irrational.....but i didn't give in.

Probably the main reason for not having a cig was the feeling that i'd done so well over the past week or so, and if i even had one drag i would regret it and have to start all over again. Plus i forced myself to think about how i used to feel after smoking - yeah before and during i would be satisfied and relaxed etc, but after i always used to cough and hack up flem, and then i'd feel guilty and lethargic and would sit on the sofa feeling stupid and sorry for myself.

Lessons learnt - 1. nicotine is a bloody strong master and in order to break free i need to play the NRT game properly. 2. On a positive note, i am still focused on the reasons for quitting.

Off to the gym tonight to go on the treadmill - as a smoker i could run for about 10 minutes, but would get a horrid dry mouth and really panty and bright red in the face. Therefore, hoping i notice a difference tonight. But if i don't, that's okay. 10 minutes running should burn off some of the 100s of lollipops i've eaten over the past week!!

Oh, and on Saturday (my 8th day) i celebrated a week off the fags by buying some beautiful shoes (£24 - i would've usually spent £35 in a week on fags). They are now adorning my feet and everytime i look at them i feel proud that i worked bloody hard and earned them! Would recommend a treat like this for anyone.

Looking forward to day 11 and the rest of week 2 :)

Best of luck to all on your quit journey

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well done on your week 2!! i am on day 15 today and feeling great.

I'm a running lover too and slowly you willl notice the difference slowly but surely ( i know this from my previous 6 month quit!) after 1 month i knocked 3 mins off my 10k time :) :)

LOVING the present may have just inspired me ;)



Thanks Lisa - seriously the shoes worked wonders through a very difficult weekend - worn them all the time and each time i was tempted i looked down and they reminded me what i had to gain and also distracted me as they are so pretty!! They're also extremely high (look a bit like boots that trendy witches would wear!!) so can't stand in them for too long!

Am also planning a tattoo in the next few weeks - something i can look at and be reminded of my reasons for quitting. Might sound a bit extreme to some but i am a tattoo fan and think that will work for me - and no it won't be a no-smoking sign as my mum suggested, nothing that obvious!!

With my new shoes, painted nails (to beat a Saturday craving) and newly dyed bright red hair (a Sunday night craving) i'm well on my way to being quite well presented for the first time in my life!! :cool:

Jen xx

Edit: How rude of me - Congrats on 15 days Lisa, 2 weeks is massive - here's to 3!!



You are sounding so very positive hun, i swear staying positive is a big help to quitting :)

Yes dont let your mind think you can go without wearing your patch hun, that is the nico demon playing tricks on you :mad:

I thought it the last time i quit and ended up back smoking again, this time i am following the proper regime.

Well done again

Snowie xx


Stay strong Jenni. You're doing great!! :)

As Snowie says, your attitude to your quit is very important. The more positive you are, the more likely you are to succeed. You sound very positive to me so I believe you'll do it!!

Follow the patch regime to the letter!! I know it's easy to become a little cocky and think you can do without, but please don't. I think you know that now :p.

Good luck!

Ed xx


Thanks for all the lovely comments guys - this site is really helping me with my positive mental attitude :)

Day 11 and patch is well and truly stuck to my arm, lollipops at the day at a time eh?!!



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