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Looking forward to week 4

Hi Folks,

Well its been a week and a half has this one!!!!!

I have had more cravings this week than since I stopped.

Monday I put on a coat I havn't worn since last month, at about 11am (not a good time anyway) I put my hand in my pocket and found a cigarette :eek::eek:

I walked through the car park with a million thoughts rushing like waves through my brain.

Got into the car (my fav smoking place) and gave my head a bang on the steering wheel. Opened the window and littered the car park with a WHOLE fag :)

The pangs this week have been very strong, but not nearly as strong as me.

I went out drinking last weekend, a halloween party with my workmates, (who nearly all smoke) I took my poor hubby with me, AND made him dress up as an oompha loompha. I ended up outside in the garage most of the night with the smokers and NOPE :D

I went away out for a day shopping on my own today, in the past when the pangs have been bad this would have been fatal for me, 40 miles away from home, no one to see, or smell me. But I did not give in.

I can not wait for week 4 to start, it can not be as bad as this has been.

But bad as it is, it is still easier CT than times I have stopped before with NRT??? Go Figure???

Good luck to you all going into week 4.

Snow, well done on the soggy fag and I will be thinking of you on Sunday.

Cpt, you are going great, well done.

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awww man I don't think I could have been that strong!! awsome :)

such a good point: nobody there to see or smell you ;) LOL


You're doing so well. I have days where I know i could get away with having a sneaky fag, but i'd only be letting myself down. Well done for resisting the temptation! :)


Evening Tia!!

A huge huge well done for staying so strong and not giving in to temptation!!

I know how hard that is, as you have prolly read, i have temptation around me all the time! :eek:

Heres' to week 4 :D

speak soon

Snowie xx


Good job to you on throwing the fag out! I would of probably done the same thing. I also agree that CT this time has been the best and the LONGEST that I have gone without cheating. Yesterday was 3 weeks for me and I am so happy and proud, I'm am proud of everyone for quitting.

Good job to us all! :D


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