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Looking forward to week 2


Here I am on day 7. Strangely days 5,6 & 7 have been harder than 2,3 & 4! Damned if I'm going to cave in now though.

Getting great support from OH and kids, being very grumpy with incompetant colleagues though.

Got a friend coming to stay for the weekend, known him for 30 years - as long as I (and he) smoked. Will be a challenge......:D


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Woohooo moving into week 2 how chuffed must you be. That lil demon will be hanging around for a while yet just keep in your mind that smoking isnt an option today.

You are doing so well, stick at it and keep moving up the floors the penthouse awaits you.

Good luck and keep going.

Lillie xx

Hi GTAT - great news that your first week has been conquered - that really is the worst one, so it's more a case of keep on going from here.

I think there should be a special certificate that quitters could take to work which would exempt them from any disciplinary procedures while they are in the early stages of giving up!

And good luck with your friend over the week end - are you going to make him stand outside? Or several miles down the road?


I had bad days on Days 5 and 7, but it really is great to get that first week under your belt phew:D And I found the second week so much easier.

Well done and stay strong,


When I said support from OH and kids - I omitted all you wonderful people - thank you.

My mate will stand outside - and I will stand with him (as long as it's not raining). I am determined to not let these things get to me. I am trying to develop a method of embracing and kind of welcoming the cravings, sort of accepting that they will happen and then congratulating myself for not surrendering to them. Not sure if it's a dangerous strategy, my wife thinks it is.

BTW - what floor is this penthouse on??


Floor 365 most years!!! :p

Ah - not floor 8 then?

each floor in this hotel is like a penthouse ;)

GTAT is a song by my favourite band !!!

GTAT - Marillion

Well I've just moved up to a higher floor, and I can tell you that they get more and more luxurious the higher you get. I have absolutely no complaints about my new home for the next two months. It's lovely. It's better than I could ever have wished for. I have been overwhelmed with the sheer opulence in here, and am sure that I am not worthy of such fine accommodation.

Though, maybe just one request....


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