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Where has the time gone!?


So... tonight is the end of Day 14 and the daybreak tomorrow will bring the start of week three!

Things for me are going good today! I'm not craving a cigarette, if anything, just that same ol' conversation in my head about should I... no, I shouldn't.. but, should I.... no, I won't..... kinda thing.... but, I feel like I've been kicking The Nico-demon's butt lately... and that this quit is becoming more and more of a reality...

Keep going everyone!

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Hi Sylvia

I don't think you are really going to test your quit but just in case, don't do it. The thoughts about should I have one are the nicodemon's way of seeing if your ready to come back to the fold and as you have won every day since the start of your quit he is going to keep trying for a while, to see if there is a chink in your resolve. He's not ready to give up quite yet so you need to keep saying and practice saying no.

It does get easier each day some days the changes are imperceptable, keeping a quit diary helps, even looking back on your posts can be a good guide.

Well done for reaching week 3, each day away from day 1 is easier. Some days might seem rougher than others but there is always a day that you have already done that is rougher than anything you are experiencing now, unless you want to do that day again, just say no.

Good luck, you are doing so well.


Good Evening Sylvia I am so happy to read your upbeat thread you sound as if you are enjoying your quit which is the way it should be, keep focused and read your posts when you get down and they will remind you why you decided to quit in the first place, this always helps to keep you motivated, drink loads of water this helps as well as the body needs the detoxification after smoking and it also keeps you hydrated, I swear it helped me to quit, take care and well done.

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